Cynthia Batchelder

Cynthia A. Batchelder, Esquire

Phone Number: (410) 357-1422
Address: 502 Baltimore Ave., Towson, Maryland
Role, Company/Firm: Batchelder Law & Mediation, LLC
Professional Affiliations/Organizations: Collaborative Professionals of Baltimore

Professional Service Types

  • Collaborative Attorney, Mediator, Negotiation Attorney
  • Mediator
  • Negotiation Attorney

I AM willing to offer a reduced rate for some or all of my services.

Professional Service Counties

  • Baltimore City
  • Baltimore County
  • Harford
  • Howard

About Cynthia A. Batchelder, Esquire

Cynthia concentrates her practice on assisting family law clients with reaching settlements outside of court through mediation services, collaborative law, or representation of clients while they negotiate settlements with other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Cynthia also continues to be committed to representing children in their parents’ contested custody disputes.

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