About the Collaborative
Project of Maryland

The Collaborative Project of Maryland ("Collaborative Project") offers individuals and families of modest means the option of using the Collaborative Process to resolve their disputes.

The Collaborative Project links parties going through disputes, including divorce, other family transitions, and other civil matters, with Collaborative Professionals who provide services on a pro bono or reduced fee basis. To find out if you qualify for services through the Collaborative Project, please contact us at 301-267-5701 or info@collaborativeprojectmd.org

Kathy Brissette-Minus, President 
Margie Hofberg, Past President
Sarah Novak Nesbitt, President Elect
Jana Singer, Secretary
Nicole Harrsion,Treasurer
L. M. D. D. Biggs, Board Member
Suzy Eckstein, Board Member
Mallory Finn, Board Member
Karen P. Freed, Board Member
Amy Mazer, Board Member
LJ Pelham, Board Member
Annamaria M. Walsh, Board Member
Kathleen Wobber, Board Member
Michael Lee, Project Director
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Contact Us: info@collaborativeprojectmd.org or 301-267-5701
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