What is collaborative the Collaborative process?

Collaborative Process offers a way to resolve disputes respectfully without going to court.

In the Collaborative Process, participants work with a team of professionals in a respectful and supportive environment to find mutually accepted resolutions to conflicts.

By choosing the Collaborative Process, each person agrees to participate fully in the Collaborative Process for the benefit of all adults and children involved. This means that each person pledges to do their best to reach an agreement instead of going to court, and agrees to honest and full disclosure of all relevant information. The parties, together with their Collaborative Professionals, meet face-to-face in a series of meetings where they discuss all issues needed to reach a durable agreement. In addition to attorneys, the team of Collaborative Professionals may include mental health, child specialist, and financial professionals.

Collaborative Divorce: A Safe Place is a 20-minute video of a couple going through the collaborative process. The video includes interviews with the couple, their attorneys, collaborative mental health coach, and financial neutral. Click here to watch the video.

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