Collaborative Divorce in Maryland

Couples who are good candidates for the Collaborative Process:

  • Can speak for themselves about what is important to them
  • Respect their spouse/co-parent’s opinion
  • Can be in the same room with their spouse/co-parent
  • Have some trust in their spouse/co-parent
  • Believe their spouse/co-parent is a good parent (if they have children)
  • Accept the divorce and are willing to move forward
  • Are willing to listen and discuss various options
  • Are willing to work with their spouse/co-parent to reach an agreement they both can live with
  • Accept that this process is not about winning, losing or punishing their spouse/co-parent
  • To qualify for our program, the following three things must also be true:

  • Neither partner has an attorney;
  • Nothing has been filed in court; and
  • there has been no domestic violence in the relationship.
  • *Please note that we have additional eligibility criteria, including financial qualifications. We do require financial documentation as part of the application process

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    Collaborative Project of Maryland